enjoy the aesthetics of an extravagant time piece. 

Queen of Egypt is the luxury analogue watch for your smartphone!

Time ist too precious to pass us by solely in digital format. It is intended for those who have an appreciation for beauty and experience time consciously.

It features a build in gong witch can be set inform you about the progression of time occasionally or permanantly.

The clock is available in Google Play in 5 beautiful colors. One color (silver-blue) in the Apple App Store.

More attractiv variations are in the making.

If you like, give this watch, so this special person may constantly be reminded of you!

I want Queen of Egypt continue to develop and improve steadily. So I succeed, are me their comments and suggestions at  >>>  Contact  <<<  desirable. 


I am glad if you like the app and am grateful if you leave a "like" on my Facebook page. 

Check please the occasional passing to find out whether there are new watches 

I wish you much joy with your --- Queen of Egypt --- clock-app! 

The Gong

The gong is a useful feature for all users who want to be informed about the acoustic time progress occasionally or permanently. It helps us to use our precious time efficiently and sensibly. 


Had our great-grandparents were still huge for grandfather clocks, which filled the whole room with its impact, suggests that Gong discreet and either quarter, half, or ganzstündig in a self-determined by your time window. 


The gong responds to the following selection .: 


quarter = 1 beat at 15 min. 

               2 beats for 30 min. 

               3 shocks at 45 min. 

               4 strokes at 60 min. 


half =      2 beats for 30 min. 

               4 strokes at 60 min. 


full =       4 beats in 60 minutes.